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Futures Program

Educators of the Future | Carers of the Future

Futures Program

Educators of the Future | Carers of the Future

Our ‘Futures’ programs are exciting opportunities hosted by KARBEN Training Solutions, that provides high school students with a chance to explore what a career in the education and/or community services sector looks like.

Educators of the Future was first launched in 2020 and piloted on the NSW Central Coast. The initial intake of 21 students, saw over 50% of the enrolled students’ progress into a NSW School Based Traineeship or post school employment within the education space.

Whilst the program seeks to open the door of opportunity for SBAT places and post school employment, we understand that sometimes, it can go the other way. Although we celebrate the decision of those securing employment, we also support those that want to consider an alternate option. Equally, either path is an important part of the experience.

“They choose us not for what we do, but instead for how we do it!”

How does it work | The process…

Student completes an Expression of Interest (EOI)
Schools and RTO accept suitable students into the program
Students and schools provided with enrolment link and workshop date
Students attend one face to face workshop
Post program – if a student wishes to complete work experience this can be arranged with their school
Students are to complete an EOI form if interested in enrolling into full qualification via an SBAT pathway at the commencement of Year 11 or post-school NSW Traineeship
How does it work?

This unique program comprises of a one-day workshop to assist successful students to secure a NSW SBAT or full time traineeship in their chosen industry!

Introduced to students in Year 10, students are asked to complete an expression of interest; seek approval from their parents/carers and Careers Advisors, before enrolling into the program. 

Why is this program so successful?

Industry consultation clearly identified the need for a targeted program to support school students as they transition from school to work-life! It also demystifies the myth that unless you achieve a great ATAR, you will be left behind!

Our students, parents, and careers advisors alike have been exposed to many new possibilities after participating in the program! For someone interested in education, this may open the door to an early childhood career, a school age education and care position, or a pathway leading to a teaching degree. Likewise, a carer of the future may be considering a career as an assistant in nursing (AIN), care working in various other community services roles or a university pathway into Nursing!

Who is involved in the ‘Futures’ journey?

Student (Parent/Guardian)
Students have the most influence on whether this program is a success! Success can be measured in many ways; and it is important to acknowledge that not everyone completing the program will decide to continue onto this as their chosen vocation. A parent or guardian will be required to co-sign all enrolment documents for students under 18 years of age.


This program relies on a strong partnership with the student’s school and Career Advisor. We will liaise directly with the Careers Advisor regarding the workshop and any work experience opportunities. Supporting the student in their decision to undertake an SBAT or leave school, will be on that involves all parties.
KARBEN Training Solutions
As your RTO, we understand the importance of providing engaging, industry-driven learning opportunities for students to start developing the foundational skills and knowledge required for a successful career – having fun along the way! We’ve identified key topics that give a broad overview of the sector, whilst supporting students to apply this learning to different environments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is the program suitable for?

Year 10, 11 and 12 students.

What if the student decides they don't want to pursue this career?

The purpose of the program is for students to explore a potential career within this vocation. If they decide it is not the right for them, that’s okay.

What happens after the student finishes?
Upon successful completion, KTS will support the student to identify opportunities for a school-based traineeship, post-school traineeship, or employment where possible.
How much does the program cost?
Wherever possible, as your RTO, we will apply to access Government Funded training places – if approved, this will be a fee-free opportunity for most students. Where funding is not available, students can participate in the program for a fee of $330 (incl GST). Please contact us to check funding availability.

What we offer through a VET in Schools pathway

Education Support

CHC30221 Certificate III in School Based Education Support

Early Childhood Education and Care

CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Individual Support (Disability)

CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)

Community Services

CHC32015 Certificate III in Community Services

Individual Support (Ageing)

CHC33021 Certificate III in Individual Support


BSB30120 Certificate III in Business

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