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Leaders of the Future Program

Leaders of the Future 1

Leaders of the Future Program

What is Leaders of the Future?

Leaders of the Future is KARBEN’s targeted leadership and management program aimed at developing emerging workplace leaders.

After offering leadership and management programs for over 15 years, we’ve combined everything we’ve learnt into a 6-month program that focuses on applying theoretical concepts practically in the workplace. Many other programs focus on theorists and the science behind leadership. Although the why is important, we believe the how is even more so. That’s why our program has such a strong focus on practical skills and practical application.

Leaders of the Future will help shape your employees into strong leaders who will motivate and empower your team towards operational success.

How do we achieve success?

At KARBEN, we’ve built our business on supporting workplace learning and we truly believe in our motto of “skilling for a better future”. Our approach is more about the mentoring of workplace mentors. No one knows your business better than your team so we use this intel to build on their existing skills whilst navigating the world of leading those around them – successfully!

Program development

Any successful program needs to start with a clear direction and clear expectations. The first step in implementing Leaders of the Future in your organisation is to agree upon the program outcomes, customisation of learning and assessment resources, and embedding any existing organisational policies and procedures into the program.

Learning and assessment

We offer a range of learning and assessment opportunities to provide a blended model that will best suit the learning styles of your employees and your organisational needs. From one-on-one mentoring and on-site coaching to virtual classrooms and online assessment, we can provide both digitial and paper-based solutions.

Communication and progression

To ensure your employees stay on track and there are no surprises, we provide feedback reports after each session, invite and encourage employer participation during virtual classrooms and issue fortnightly progress updates via automated reports to formally notify the workplace about the employee’s progress.

Leaders of the Future | The journey…

Leaders of the Future The Journey

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the cost of the program?
As an RTO, KARBEN Training Solutions is able to offer courses through Government subsidised pathways including under NSW Smart and Skilled arrangements. Where possible, we will identify opportunities for subsidised or fee-free pathways to provide a cost-effective option for your organisation. Where funding may not be available or student eligibility does not enable us to offer training through a subsidised pathway, we provide you with an obligation-free quote for delivery of the program.
What if my employees already have leadership experience?
The Leaders of the Future program can be customised to suit your training needs. If you have skilled and experienced leaders, a recognition of prior learning (RPL) pathway may be best suited to support them in achieving formal qualifications. This is something that will be discussed during the program development.
What if six months isn't long enough?
Although we have designed this program to be delivered over a 6-month period, the length of the program can be anywhere from 6 to 12 months depending on your organisational needs.
Can we 'try before we buy'?
Depending on available funding, KARBEN can explore opportunities to provide Government subsidised skills sets or partial qualifications to your employees before commencing a full 6-month program. This process involves the submission of an application to Training Services NSW with an accompanying letter of support from your organisation and a list of potential employees to be included in the skill set or partial qualification

Studying with KARBEN

At KARBEN Training Solutions, we pride ourselves on the support we offer to both students and employers throughout the learning journey.

Student Support
  • Planned contact with a Trainer/Assessor
  • Planned contact with a Student Mentor
  • Access to our dedicated Student Mentors via phone, email and face-to-face by appointment*
  • Affordable study sessions
  • Access to a Student Portal
  • Access to the KTS Resource Library
  • Regular enrolment updates including assessment outcomes and feedback

* Refer to the Student and Employer Handbook for more information.

Employer Support
  • Planned contact with a Trainer/Assessor*
  • Dedicated Client Services Representative
  • Formal review of traineeship program every 12 months
  • Access to an Employer Portal
  • Written feedback after each site visit*
  • Regular enrolment updates for students including assessment outcomes and feedback*

*Where a student is studying through a traineeship pathway or has provided authority to release information.

Payment Options

 Upon successful completion of the enrolment process, an invoice will be issued via email.

Payment plans are available.

Please see our Student and Employer Handbook for Fee Schedule and payment plan options.

What should you do now?

Step 1

Contact KARBEN to enquire about implementing the Leaders of the Future program in your workplace.

Step 2

Identify potential employees to participate in the program and consider the organisational goals you’d like to achieve.

Step 3

Attend a meeting with KARBEN to discuss your organisational training needs and overall goals for the program.

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