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Below are a selection of testimonials who have been provided to KARBEN Training Solutions by satisfied Employers, clients, students and participants with delivering outstanding quality products and services.

From: Anna O’Malley-Jones Sent: Thursday, 20 July 2017 11:04 AM To: Subject: Thanks I just wanted to pass on my thanks for making yesterday’s First Aid course so informative and fun.  Can not say I’ve ever really ‘enjoyed’ the many previous ones I have attended and fun was definitely not part of the program.  The personalisation of the content, and the open, approachable and entertaining delivery was also incredibly impressive and for the first time again I think I have understood and recalled the majority of it. Kind regards Anna O’Malley-Jones
From: Tanya ….. Sent: Friday, 13 January 2017 1:50 PM To: Subject: RE: Enrolment Confirmation Tanya James Hi Linda and all at Karben Training May I take the time to thank you once again for being of service for my completion of First Aid Certificate yesterday. Our course Teacher was very good. He helped to ease everyones anxiety about doing the course and we gained a lot from it. It was a good day, thank you once again. Please pass on my personal thanks to Scott for yesterday. See you in 3 years (when next my Certificate is due). Kind regards and gratitude, 
Tanya James
Dear Karen, I received my certificate in the mail! I am officially a trainer and assessor! I wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for providing me with such a great experience during the training and over the 6 months it took to complete the course. Cecile was a fantastic mentor/trainer and we all had a fantastic and  positive experience. She was always willing to go the extra mile and support all of us. Once again thank you. It has been a pleasure to complete my training with Karben. I will definitely recommend your training organisation to others Kindest Regards,
Emma Seyer
Hi Karen, it’s Andrew Brique from Southern Short Haul Railroad. Just some feedback on the Cert IV in Training and Assessment Qualification. I would like to compliment Cecile on her professionalism throughout the entire process. She delivered the training in a way that ensured I clearly understood what was required and was more than helpful with her time and assistance. I would consider her a great asset to your training company. Thank you 
 Hi Amanda, A few weeks ago I completed two courses which were needed for a job application for a Director’s position with Wyong council, you might remember. Anyway- I got the job!! I wanted to extend a most sincere thank you to everyone who was so amazingly helpful at KARBEN, in particular you Amanda, Tanya who was amazing and such a great teacher, and Nicole who helped to organise it all for me. I had such a great experience throughout the whole process and it felt like everyone went above and beyond to help me get the job. Could you please pass on my thanks to these people? I’m sure I’ll be back again in future. Thank you!
Hi Em, just wanted to say thank you for all your support with the training.  You are one awesome lady and I appreciate you.  Karen and Cecile are pretty fantastic too.  I know it’s your jobs but you ladies are a great team.  Very professional but are also very personable and lots of fun to be around 
I’d like to thank you again for you’re wonderful training you gave myself and my daughter Christine earlier this year. On 15th September 2014 our foster child had her tonsils removed the operation went well and we didn’t expect any complications. 12 days after her operation our lil princess got very sick…. On saturday 27th september was a ordinary day for my family. We had just came home from a family day out between 5pm and 530pm. Our lil princess was playing and we noticed a tiny drop of blood in her mouth upon looking in her mouth our lil princess started to vomit blood. My training you had given me immediately kicked in. I grabbed the phone dialled 000 and laid our lil miss on her side. I made sure her airways were clear and noticed she had something in her throat which i immediately  got cleared and an ambulance arrived within 5 minutes. Our lil princess then vomited more blood in total she lost just over 33% of her blood. At gosford hospital our princess was operated on again and found that where her tonsils had been removed  had caused the haemorrhage. Our princess is doing much better today and is back to her normal self. I can not thank you enough for what you have taught me and not to panic. Im not good with blood let alone the sight of it but the training you gave me that day kicked and saved our lil princess’ life. Please keep up you’re wonderful work once again i can not thank you enough  
Dear Jo, Thank you for the follow up notes on the meeting last Wednesday.  I have to say that I was very reassured by your approach and reassurance that our participant is going to be able to complete the Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care as I was seriously wondering whether this would happen.  Your commitment is commendable and I am very impressed that you are personalising the units and the course to meet their needs.  
 Name withheld
My name is Laylan S. and I attended the KARBEN first aid, asthma and anaphylaxis  certificate at Castle hill from 8:30-5:30 on Saturday 19 July 2014. I would like to express my views on Cecile Oakes and Emma Paulley. Firstly, they both had great positive attitude, they were very helpful which made me less stressed and happy to be in a helpful environment.  In addition, both ladies had excellent communication skills, knowledge and understanding of what they were teaching. I became very inspired by them and I hope to gain knowledge and enthusiasm like them in the child care industry. It was my first time doing a first aid certificate and I was very impressed with the exceptional customer service the ladies offered that day and I appreciate their hard work. I will refer my friends to KARBEN in the future because of the great skills the ladies had in the workshop. It really makes a positive difference to have people that have great customer service. They definitely did their job right. If you require more information, please contact me.

I attended the Aged Care Information Session last night.  I am 71 years old and never in my life have I ever experienced anything so professional.
Just a quick email to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past 12 months. I am so happy with my job and am going to stay working for … Conditioning (which KARBEN Training found for me in the first place). It’s so great to have my Cert in Business and I truly could not have done it without the wonderful people in your office. I would also like to thank you for the nomination for Trainee Awards, it will be a great opportunity that I am so looking forward to and can’t wait to start the process. You have really done a lot for me and I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate it.
Thank you and your team for your support and services. Your professionalism and quality services have supported my role in assisting the trainees to complete and gain new skills out of their placement.


Q. Would you recommend KARBEN Training Solutions to other people for their Vocational Training needs. Why?

Just wanted to say thank you so much for being my Assessor, you have been amazing, making yourself available for any assistance I required. I remember the day you left me with that rather large looking folder with 28 units.  I remember saying to you that I was disappointed to have to redo my Cert III but I was just going to do it.  You smiled at me and said “ what a great attitude” Most units were pretty daunting when I first looked through them, but after chatting with you either at our Centre or over the phone, you made each unit seem so manageable. I have to say I enjoyed every minute of my studies.  I looked forward to starting a new unit as quickly as possible where I could embrace each experience in my classroom. Thank you for inspiring me to be the Educator I have become.  I am so proud of my abilities and continue to learn and grow each day, hoping to make a difference in the children I teach. Julia is so excited with my growth she has transferred me to our other Centre so I can help instil the Philosophy and my love of creativity to the educators there.  For this  I am so proud.  I set out to be an educator with instilling “the love of learning” in all that I do.  I know that each day through what I have learnt from my diploma this is exactly what I have achieved. So once again I thank you for inspiring me and giving me the opportunity of a traineeship. Best regards Tracy
” Can I just say that KARBEN Training is fantastic, I cannot speak highly enough about KARBEN’s professionalism and dedication to Early Childhood and producing quality educators, this goes for the trainers, sign ups and administration.” Peta ” Yes definitely. I have had troubles studying in the past and completing the courses, but this course seemed challenging enough for me to complete without being too overwhelmed.” Sophie ” Yes I all ready have and will continue to do so due to the layout and timing and you can receive a positive outcome to commence work within the childcare field.” Kathy ” Yes I would recommend KARBEN to other people. it is a very effective way to lean. All the staff I have met are fantastic and willing to help you wherever needed.” Melanie ” Yes, All staff are easy to talk to, and helpful.”  Myra ” The information given by Jenny was useful and interesting to learn.” Tahlia ” Most informative chapter, really helped with work placement duties.” Samantha


” The course is really great; I am loving it. The trainers have been a huge help both at the First Aid session and in the classroom” Dannika ” Very happy with Scott and the support he provides. Is taking advantage of the 1:1 time available to in-between classes with the trainer” Lorraine ” I am going well and am very happy. I am aware that my trainer is there if I need him.” James ” Very happy – Scott is a great support. Happy with the delivery structure – is able to ask questions and share experience.” Bronwyn ” Classes are interesting. I am working steadily through my booklets. The support is great and the class is a great help.” Dayna ” The course is good and I love it. It is a lot easier compared to my previous online studies. My trainer is excellent. I have a lot to learn and I really appreciated the call to check up on me” Kylie ” Definitely getting a lot from the class.” Jessica


” Interactive and trainer had great knowledge/personality.  I actually enjoyed this session. ” I loved the presentation & was kept attentive & alert &  learned very much. Thank you ” Excellent, explained and demonstrated really well” “Very precise and informative” “Excellent, Very friendly, concise information” “Excellent, Today’s session was clearer, more informative, and friendlier” “Excellent, enjoyable and easy to understand when explained all about First Aid” “Excellent, Went into depth and felt comfortable throughout session” “Excellent, More appropriately structured ie. information / layout” “Excellent, very good Teacher” “A lot of detail, explained / so easy to understand” “Easy to understand/referred to important information” “Excellent, Better presented, better explaned, more relaxing, very approachable “I loved the presentation and was kept attentive and alert. I learnt very much.  A BIG THANK YOU” “The teacher was excellent, a little more writing involved than what I have experienced in the past”


” I found this section relevant to my work and helped me gain new skills.”    Joanne ” Great topic. Really enjoyed it.”  Kristal ” Great unit, I learnt a lot.”  April ” I really enjoyed this topic, it involved me organising meetings + designing new plans & procedures.”  Kristal ” This unit was very interesting and I learnt a lot from it. Overall I rate this unit highly”  Jodi ” Amanda (trainer & assessor) always gave us positive feedback. She really helped me a lot.” ” I enjoyed this topic + it helps me understand differences throughout community + every individual is different. It will prepare me for anything.”  Krystal ” I loved this section of content. I love KARBEN.”  Toni

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