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"I'm a school leaver and I have no qualifications. Am I eligible to study one of your courses?"

Our courses are designed to suit everyone, including school leavers and mature age students. Our courses do not have formal pre-requisites, making them accessible to everyone. However some experience is recommended for various courses. Students who do not have the recommended experience should discuss the course’s suitability with our office. Some courses recommend that you have previous Industry experience or participate in practical work experience throughout the duration of your chosen vocation such as: You may have some experience (normally work experience) in the industry that the course relates to or we will assist you with acquiring on-the-job work experience throughout your course.

"Will my qualification be nationally recognised?”

Yes, all our courses have been approved by ASQA within the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), so they are government-accredited and nationally recognised.

”Will my qualification help if I want to go to university in the future?”

Some of the qualifications we offer may articulate into universities to fast track your education however, each university institution sets its own admission requirements, so it is important to check with the university or the Universities Admissions Centre. Even where a qualification does not articulate directly into university, our qualifications provide the opportunity to develop strong study and research skills that can support future university study as well as the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience.

”Will my qualification help me to get a job/promotion?”

All our vocational courses are developed in consultation with relevant industry and community groups, so you can rest assured that your qualification is highly valued by industry employers, education and training providers and the wider community. The skills and knowledge you gain from our courses are designed to be career-relevant so you can apply them immediately if you are already working or use them to get the job you want.

”I have work or other commitments. What if I don’t have much time to study?”

I have work or other commitments. What if I don’t have much time to study? Our courses are designed around ‘nominal hours’ therefore, depending on how long it takes you to complete the theory component and any work placement components will determine haw long it takes you to complete the course. Generally, most qualification take between 6-12 months to complete.

”How do I enrol?”

Simply use the ‘Forms’ tab located on the left hand side of our web page, choose the course appropriate Enrolment Form to print off and fax back to our office. Out Student Co-ordinator will contact within 2 working days from receipt to begin the enrolment process.

”Is there an enrolment closing date?”

No, enrolment is available all year round – you decide when to start your course!

”How long will my course take?”

It all depends on the amount of time you dedicate to your studies. Upon enrolment a Training Plan will be developed according to your circumstances and agreed upon by both you and the trainer. However, in the case of Traineeships, you will have a start date and expected completion date according to your employment status.

”How do I get my course materials?”

Once your enrolment has been confirmed, we will provide you with all your learning materials.If you are a distance learner, you will have your materials posted to you.If you are completing a work-based Traineeship, your workplace trainer and assessor will visit you at your workplace to get you started and plan out your assessment visits.

”What kind of student support is available?”

Our office is open between Monday to Friday 9-5:30pm where you may speak with the Student Coordinator in relation to any assistance you may require. All trainers and assessors are available via Email at anytime throughout the week.

”Do I need to attend classes?”

This is dependent on the method of study you choose. We offer all our course via distance, classroom and through work based Traineeships.

”Are there exams, and if so, where do I sit for them?”

No, all our qualifications are ‘competency based’ therefore you are required to demonstrate your competence via a number of assessment methods.Assessments may include: Workplace on-the-job demonstrations, evidence portfolios, workbook activities, written and oral questions etc.

”Can I do more than 1 course at a time?”

While most people only have the time to do one course at a time, you are free to enrol for more if you wish.

”What if I need to stop studying for a while due to commitments?”

You may apply for ‘suspension of training’ by contacting the Student Coordinator. We will provide you with the application to suspend until you are able to re-commence.

”Will I get credit for my previous study/work experience?”

KARBEN Training Solutions recognises the skills and knowledge that you have gained through previous studies, work and life experiences. If you are granted recognition in a unit of competency, you do not have to re-study it. You will be asked if you wish to apply for recognition upon enrolment.For credit transfers (from courses previously completed) you will need to provide to our office a copy of the transcript of competencies achieved within 14 days from enrolment.

”When will I receive my diploma/certificate?”

All qualifications are issued upon successful completion of the course.

”What do my fees cover?”

All enrolment/ Course fees are inclusive of the textbooks and learning materials required for the successful completion of your course.

”Is there any financial assistance/government grant I can apply for?”

You may be eligible for financial assistance from Centrelink. Applications for assistance are assessed by Centrelink, so you should contact your nearest Centrelink office to discuss your eligibility.

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