Study Sessions for Early Childhood and School Aged Educators


Study Sessions for Early Childhood and School Aged Educators

Nationally Recognised Training

2020 Study Sessions for Early Childhood / School Age Education and Care Educators

Due to the overwhelming success of previous year’s study sessions, KARBEN Training Solutions will again be offering Saturday sessions for Certificate III, IV and Diploma qualifications for eligible participants.

Why should participants attend these study sessions?
  • During these study sessions, participants will cover some of the theory requirements for up to 3 units of competency whilst also gaining tips and examples for workplace tasks to be completed back in the service.
  • Hours spent at the study sessions may count towards traineeship off-the-job training requirements.
  • Days are facilitated by experienced and fully qualified industry trainers.
  • Study sessions provide a forum for participants to share experiences with other educators whilst completing assessment activities suitable for classroom completion.
  • Study sessions are also open to non-enrolled KTS students for the purpose of professional development or training (POA)
How to enrol
  • To enrol into any study session, you must contact your allocated trainer directly!
Location for scheduled study sessions
Study session times

Sessions are a full day commencing at 9am and finishing at approximately 4pm.

Enrolment fees

There are three different categories of enrolment fees depending on your current situation;

Category 1 Current enrolled student with KARBEN Training Solutions in a full qualification: $20 per session (Saturdays only)

You are eligible for this category only if you are a current enrolled student with KARBEN Training Solutions in a full qualification via a traineeship, Government subsidised program or fee for service pathway.

Category 2 Not a current student, requiring a Statement of Attendance for Professional Development (PD): $150 per session

You are eligible for this category if you are not a current student at KARBEN Training Solutions and require a Statement of Attendance for professional development purposes.

Terms & conditions

Eligibility to attend:

  • Participants wishing to attend must have a proven track record of progression of their qualification prior to attending; your attendance will be at the discretion of your trainer.
  • 3 weeks prior to the scheduled session, if you have met the condition above, you will be enrolled and sent an invoice for the session.
  • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation either by email or mail to provide you with all the information about the scheduled workshop you are attending.
  • In the event that the session becomes full, a wait list is available should you miss out on your preferred session.

Fees and charges:

  • $20 session fee / per session (* some exemptions apply)
  • $50 Non-attendance administration fee applies for all non-attendances (see non-attendance below)
  • *NSW School based trainees are expected to attend all scheduled sessions, unless prior arrangements have been made with the employer, school and RTO.
  • *Students with additional needs and *NSW School based trainees who have been declared as *fee exempt for the study session will attract a non-attendance fee of in the case of non-attendance (see below)


In the case of a student not arriving by the scheduled session start time, the following will occur:

  1. An attempt to call the student via mobile; and
  2. A text message will be sent to the student; and
  3. The emergency contact will be called.
  • Failure to attend the session will incur a $50 Non-attendance administration fee plus the $20 session fee.
  • Text messages and/or emails on the day will not be accepted.
  • Calls in an emergency situation or in genuine, unavoidable circumstances should be directed to 02 4353 7188 prior to 9.30am on the day of the session.
  • If you are a trainee your employer will also be notified of the non-attendance.


  • Attendance at sessions is at the discretion of the KARBEN Training Solutions team and is reliant upon successful completion of other units of competency.
  • To avoid causing facilitators undue concerns for the welfare and safety of participants, it is important that you make a call to the office on 02 4353 7188 before 9.30am on the day of the sessions should you be running late or be faced with a genuine, unavoidable circumstance that prevents you from attending. This way facilitators can mark your attendance accordingly and avoid unnecessarily contacting your emergency contact.


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