Authentic Leadership

Shea Bingham

Madelaine Vallin

Madelaine specialises in helping business owners, entrepreneurs and people in leadership positions to avoid exhaustion and burnout so they can gain great success and become more powerful leaders without sacrificing their health.

Through her boutique HypnoCoaching service, Madelaine brings a unique approach to coaching and transformation by combining strategies, transformational skills & her fine-tuned intuition to bring about lasting change in her clients.

About The Session

What if you could bring more of you into your leadership?

What if you could inspire and instil trust to positively impact your business?

Through this workshop, Madelaine shares the 3 cornerstones of effective leadership and how you can start implementing these to create leadership success; authenticity, integrity and passion.

Leading with heart is anything but soft; it means having the courage to make the right choices, showing compassion for your people and remaining passionate about your work and vision.

Join us for Authentic leadership and:

  • Gain greater knowledge and insights about the art of effective leadership
  • Learn new techniques and methodologies
  • Receive tools to begin implementing new ideas into your leadership role today.

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