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Behaviour Guidance Open Discussion – ask Bec for Strategies

PRESENTER  Rebecca Thompson

Rebecca has been involved in early childhood for 20 years in a variety of early learning environments and tertiary education settings.

She has a Master of Inclusive Education and prides herself as a long-standing advocate for children’s rights and childhood.

Rebecca visits services as a consultant bringing new light to behaviour guidance.

Skilling for a better future

About the session

Have you ever wondered what the reason for children’s behaviour is and what you can do about it?

The Stone & Sprocket Behaviour Guidance Open Discussion Workshop is designed to provide early childhood educators with skills to identify behaviours, map possible reasons and develop a clear plan of strategies for monitoring and sharing with families and other stakeholders. Often in behaviour workshops there is not time to go through every participant’s story; however this forum is specifically crafted to enable educators to test out struggles with facilitation and guidance.

This enables you to refine the strategies you are using and be better placed to cope with any challenges that come your way. Join us for this rare opportunity with your entire team to make sure you are all on the same page.

Target Audience

Early Childhood Educators | Primary Teachers | Support Workers | OOSH Educators

Workshop locations, dates and times

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